The aim of our education modules are to educate the next generation of leaders about water scarcity and virtual water. We provide them with the intellectual and practical tools they need to make water-wise choices and reduce their water footprint.

Our flagship program, the WE Water Experience, runs in collaboration with Tibet5100 and the YOU Foundation, has been hugely successful in China. We now have a presence in 10 provinces across China, and are continually developing our schools network through teacher networking events and conferences.

  • 495,923

    Graduates from our programs since 2013

  • 600

    Cooperating Schools since 2013

  • 377

    New schools in 2016

  • 214%

    Growth in 2015, and 584% in 2016

  • 27%

    Uplift in awareness, demonstrated by students

  • 70%

    Referral rate to other schools

The Thirst Academy was launched in September 2015 in response to countless requests from students wanting to be more involved with Thirst and the dissemination of our water-saving messages.

The Thirst Academy provides training for WE Water Experience graduates and university volunteer groups. Graduation from the Thirst Academy qualifies participants as “Thirst Ambassadors”.

Thirst Ambassadors
students in 2016
Operating in
Provinces in China

After being trained and gaining practical experience,
these fantastic Thirst Ambassadors have now become part of our community of teaching volunteers.

Thirst Ambassadors also reach out to schools in their local communities to build new partnerships. Our Ambassadors are our strongest assets.

Thirst Clubs

Together, small actions can make big changes.

The Clubs instil a sense of long-term commitment in students. Through hands-on activities, students learn that every person has the power to create significant change.

Activities include water quality testing, visits to wetlands and water treatment plants, cleaning up waterways, as well as games, arts and crafts sessions.

Thirst Clubs in 20 provinces in China
participants in Club activities in 2015
more Clubs than 2014

Club activities are often run by the students themselves. Our education program provides them with the motivation and momentum to self-organise.

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