Thirst activities are not limited to school campuses. We aim to promote our programs to a wide variety of age groups, communities and non-profit organizations. We aim to help more Chinese citizens become familiar with Thirst and to understand the need to conserve water. Through our activities and programs, more and more people are becoming aware of water-saving initiatives.

In 2017, we promoted 31 water-saving activities in our Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu hubs, an increase of 55% compared to 2016. More than 300,000 people participated in Thirst events in 2017.


Dutch Embassy Open Day

At the Dutch Embassy Open Day, Thirst organized a water-saving related activity. Following an introduction to Thirst, children and parents participated in the activity. In addition to collaborating with the with Dutch embassy, Thirst has established relationships with the American and British embassies.

Strawberry Music Festival

We have participated in the famous Strawberry Music Festival several times. During the festival, we provide information regarding water scarcity and call for people to cherish water resources with the support of 5100 Tibet Water. Our Thirst video was projected on four stage screens over two days. More than 180,000 people, most of them young people, attended this event. We hope to attract more new volunteers from diverse events to help Thirst to spread the word.

Outdoor Water-saving activity --- Wulong Fairy Mountain

We went to the Fairy Lake located inside the Fairy Mountain, which is one of the mountain's four usable drinking water resources and is a Class 1 protective area in China. The average annual water supply is 25 million m3, which solves the difficulty of using water for the residents. Every summer, there are more than 200,000 visitors. However, some tourists and residents leave trash in the lake, causing water pollution. At the event, more than 2,000 people visited the Thirst booth near the lake. We introduced the concept of virtual water, calling everyone to do make a small action in daily life to protect the lake, which is also his or her drinking water resource.

Cultural Art Festival --- Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival

Thirst cooperated with the Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival with an on-site booth. Our colorful flags attracted many people, and we provided Thirst badges to encourage participants to save water. We organized a virtual water game time with winners awarded small prizes. To develop people's water-saving habits, we also gave water to people who brought their own water glasses. Our water dragon video was shown on the stage's main screen.

Cultural Art Festival --- Comic-con 2017 Festival

Thirst participated in the animation festival during the summer holidays. Teenagers in Asia and around the world are deeply influenced by the animation culture. The animation festival attracted thousands of young people from Chongqing and had a strong media presence. We distributed information about Thirst and asked people to join our activities. Following the festival, we successfully recruited more than 500 new volunteers from the various districts of Chongqing schools. At the festival, the big screen featured our promotional film and we had a strong presence on social media. The activity was successful, engaging teenagers with Thirst through anime culture.