Young people can solve the problems of the future

Younger people are unconstrained by conventional thinking and possess the imagination to design and develop creative solutions to the greatest problem facing our generation.

The competition invites students to come up with creative high-tech and low-tech solutions to water related problems in their homes, schools and communities as well as in manufacturing processes.

Our Innovation Competitions have rapidly grown in size and we have reached more than 500 schools.

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Here are some photographs from our brilliant and inspirational Innovation Competitons over the last couple of years.


The following are designs from primary school students:

1. Save the Water of Life

Runqi Wang

Chongwen Primary School

Teacher: Yumei Liu, Chen Gu

Brief introduction: You can save water easily by closing the taps.

2. Protect our Home

Xuran Xue

Donggao the 4th Primary School

Teacher: Fang Ren

Message: We will lose our home just like the fish in the picture if we do not save water.

3. Save Water for Beautiful Surroundings

Zonghao Ran

Haitangxi Primary School, Chongqing

Teacher´╝ÜShuyan Ruan

Message: Small actions can make a big difference!

4. Water Circulation

Ziyu Zhen

Chinese Conservatory of Music Attached Primary School

Teacher: Shiyu Feng

Message: Recycling can save Water!

5. Factory of Desalination of Seawater

Zhixing Zhou

Shijia Primary School, Beijing

Teacher: Jingqi Zhang

Message: Promoting the system of factory can save Water.

6. Alien Water Exploration Team

Xuyan wang

Beijing Changling Primary School

Teacher: Yajie Lu

Message: I designed a robot that can find water resources on another planet.

7. Make waste water useful for our planet

Ao yang

Beijing Fengtai District Xiluoyuan No.6 Primary School

Teacher: Guanghe Tuo

Message: Waste water can still be useful to our planet after process by my design.

8. The World in A Drop

Zhuan ma

Chengdu Xinhualu

Teacher: Ying Huang

Message: I do believe there is a micro-world in a drop, if we don't save our water, our world would not be existing anymore

9. The last crying tree

Boxu liu

Beijing Chongwen Primary School

Teacher: Yumei Liu, Chen Gu

Message: I use the last letter "r" from water formed a dead tree, and the tree is crying without tears because there is no water to use.

10. Last drop In camera

Qinghan Wu

Chengdu Huayuan International Primary School

Teacher : Hong Luo

Message: In the camera, we can see a lot of people grabbing the last drop of earth.

The following are designs from middle school students:

1. Zhang Qilun from Beijing No.65 Middle School

Project: "A Clever Use for Courtyard Water"

Description: Eaves and leakage wells collect rainwater. The water, solar fertilizer and the production of water form a small system water cycle.

2. Long Jiyuan from Beijing No.9 Middle School

Project: "Water-saving Pier Water-saving "

Description: Adding a miniature water injection box into sealed stainless steel mop handles is a small change that avoids going back and forth to mop.

3. Bai Ailun from Beijing ChenJinglun Secondary School

Project: "Family Waste Water Flushing Device"

Description: Considering the storage tank, two metal stents maintain reasonable spacing on the metal plate, with glue on the bottom of the box to prevent the box from shifting. Securely connect the box to the horizontal water pip to prevent leakage.

4. Hu Jianing from Tongzhou No.6 Middle School,

Project: "Water-saving Faucet Design"

Description: This program changes the structure's faucet for a more specific water-saving effect.

5. Xi Muchen from Beijing Xicheng Foreign Language School

Project: "With human body gravity, one-way valve technology to absorb bath water heater model"

Description: A one-way valve is applied to store the shower water.

6. Zhao Wenyu from Tongzhou District Luhe Middle School

Project: "Perspective Water-Saving Faucet"

Description: A visible pipe allows users to see the water flow from the pipe. Seeing the water flowing, will heighten awareness of water conservation.

7. Yang Yuxin from Eighth Middle School Guanzhuang Campus

Project: "Water-saving Heat Shrinkable Film"

Description: The work is made of water droplets, manpower and earth. Transparent circles represent the earth, a symbol of conservation of water.

8. Yang Yang, Shan Peng Run and Zhang Kai Yue from Tongzhou District Majuqiao School

Project: "Air Conditioning Compressor Condensation Collection and Utilization"

Description: Based on the investigation of water habits and consumption at the Majuqiao school, this paper analyzes the school's water saving potential and puts forward suggestions on how to better use air conditioning.