The aim of our education modules are to educate the next generation of leaders about water scarcity and virtual water. We provide students with the intellectual and practical tools they need to make water-wise choices and reduce their water footprint.

Our flagship program, the WE Water Experience, runs in collaboration with Tibet5100 and the YOU Foundation and has been hugely successful in China. We now have a presence in 10 provinces across China, and are continually developing our schools network through teacher networking events and conferences.

  • 1,393,565

    Graduates from our programs since 2013

  • 1044

    Cooperating Schools since 2013

  • 444

    New schools in 2017

  • 124.32%

    Growth of students who graduated in 2017

  • 70.48%

    Classes outside Beijing in 2017

  • 74.32%

    Students under 14 in 2017


In the We Water Experience class, we play a short video to help children understand the importance of water resources, and inspire the students to think about the essence of water for us. Through the introduction of concepts including the 'Water Cycle', 'Water Pollution', 'Water Footprint', 'Virtual Water', we emphasize that tiny actions can make a big difference.

Tongzhou 6th Middle School, Beijing
Pingdu Middle School in Fengdu County, Chongqing
Datianwan Primary School, Chongqing
Xishan Primary School Shunde District in Foshan


For our long-term programs, Thirst designs curriculum or both primary and middle school students.

Thirst's topics include:

1. We Water Experience
2. Virtual Water
3. Water and Nature
4. Water and Life
5. Water and Health
6. Water Pollution
7. Biological Sand Filter
8. Chinese Watershed
9. Floods and Waterproofing
10. Water and World Civilization
11. Water and Chinese Civilization
12. Water and Literature
13. Water and Chinese Culture
14. Water and Public Welfare Advertising